Apr 11, 2017

Honeymoon or wedding in Santorini?

Apr 11, 2017

Honeymoon or wedding in Santorini???
A lot of couples they love the beauty of Santorini, the whitewashed chapels, the caldera view and the amazing romantic sunsets therefore the question is to have a wedding or a honeymoon??
The honey moon is the easy answer, just have a wedding in your country and you escape the  two of you in Santorini for an unforgettable honeymoon. Just contact your travel agent and get the tickets and the room or a suite or  a villa in Santorini.
For a wedding even if it is a symbolic one , you have to make preparation as if it was a real wedding. If you decide to have a wedding in Santorini then you have to do some research on line and find a Santorini wedding planner , who can guide you for your wedding. Santorini wedding planners have a fee but you save time and money if you get the right person. As Santorini wedding planners we can help you to find the right ceremony and reception place for your Santorini wedding, book the celebrant, and all the wedding services you need for your wedding (flowers, photography, video, hair and make up , fireworks, Dj, bands, musicians and any other service you may need in the island.  The weddings we can do in Santorini are Civil, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Jewish , symbolic, and any cultural wedding you want to have .A wedding planner can help you with the wedding design, the table set up and all wedding details
Luxury Hotel in Santorini or a luxury venue for ceremony and reception?

For a wedding in Santorini , you can choose between a luxury hotel where you can stay and  book it in private  for the day of the wedding or have a luxury ceremony and reception venue, which can be a winery or a private venue. 

There are various choices for your ceremony and reception in Santorini island. If you are religious and you want to have a church blessing , we can do in Santorini only Greek Orthodox weddings. There are  Greek Orthodox churches in the island with amazing views to the caldera such as The Cathedral of Saint John the baptism in Fira, Anastasis and Agios Markos in Imervigli and Panagia Platsiani in Oia.

My suggestion is to have your wedding in Santorin , enjoy with family and friends and then stay few days on your own and have honeymoon in 5 star or 4 star hotel in Santorini

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