Mar 11, 2017

what is best a legal or a symbolic wedding in Greece???

Mar 11, 2017

What is best Symbolic or Legal wedding in Greece??

When couples are planning a destination wedding abroad they have to take a decision to have a legal wedding abroad or to have a symbolic one?
Hard to tell and give advise. Some couples the do all the legal part in their home country and they register the wedding in their local town hall. Those couples then they have a symbolic wedding on their destination wedding in Greece.

Other couples they prefer to have the real wedding the date of their wedding at the destination.
In this case  a legal paper work will be need it and you can check our site for this
A symbolic wedding is as if you had a real wedding in Greece and most couples they do not even say anything to their guests as they will understand the difference. It is an official ceremony and there is no difference
Some couples they bring their own minister, celebrant or a friend to perform the ceremony. But certainly we can arrange a celebrant for you unless  your wedding is Jewish or Hindu and in this case you will need to bring your own rabbi or Hindu priest  to perform your destination wedding in Greece or Santorini.
During a legal or symbolic wedding you can write your own vows and as long as you inform us , you can say those at the end of the ceremony.
For a legal wedding in Greece there are residency requirements  and also we need  the couple to stay at least one business day in order t register their wedding in the local town hall after the wedding.
A symbolic wedding is more relaxing!!!!!

The decision is your  and in both cases Marryme in Greece can organize your wedding in the Greek islands and the island of Santorini 

Feb 14, 2017

Kea - Greece Island wedding

Feb 14, 2017

      Alex and Julien wedding in Kea island Greece June 4th 2016 

Alex and Julien met at the high school. One of Alex friends wanted to meet Julien's friend while in high school. So Alex and her friend arranged a party, the outcome is that they have never been together but they did!!!
Alex and Julien engaged in a beautiful weekend away on the Atlantic Coast. Julien wanted to make me a surprise to Alex. They   walked on the beach at sunset time and he kneel down and asked Alex to Marry him. Alex and Julien realized that what was happening to them was a real and rare love, they love that comes and sparkles for ever , when they realized that they could no longer picture their lives without each other.

Julien and Alex love travelling together. So they wanted to celebrate their  wedding  abroad duri We dreamed of a wedding ceremony on a Greek  island, near the beach. Our wedding ceremony took place in the Cyclades, in Greece, in Kea Island, in the local town hall.
They wanted a destination wedding with family and close friends. The ride with her  father to the town hall is a fabulous memory. The  capital of Kea island Ioulida is a typical Greek island center, with narrow streets, white walls, and bougainvillea.
After the civil wedding ceremony, they all went to take pictures on the beach and next to some ruins. The scenery was gorgeous, nostalgic and different
After the photography they all came back to Aegis hotel and at the roof top they exchanged vos at the sunset overlooking the sea, in front of all the guests .and that was the most emotional moment of the wedding day.
The couple wanted for their wedding an intimate, beautiful, romantic private place. Kea island is and ideal place for this and Aegis hotel sunset views are just amazing. When the couple went to visit the place , they realized immediately that was the place for their  wedding.

Alex and Julien  found Fotini our photographer by searching in the  Internet. They saw pictures from previous weddings they immediately liked Fotini’s work.  During the wedding day in Kea, she was discreet, and pick every moment. She’s so lovely the bride said.

For this Kea civil  wedding the theme was off white, pink and touches of gold  in order to create  a romantic ambience  Alex had 3 bridesmaids, her  best friends and Alex gave them the colour theme and they have chosen dresses that they suited them most. The have chosen bush color dresses. Julien has 2 groomsmen and they wore blush bow ties
One of Julien’s friend  wife did Alex's   make-up. And the bride said - She knows me well, and I knew it would be perfect for me. I wanted something fresh and natural. For the hair, I wanted also something natural, some curl on my hair and a white floral crown.
The bride said about her wedding dress
My dress is designed by Rosa Clara ... and me!
At first, it was not the kind of dress I wanted, but after several trials, I was sure of my choice: a strapless heart, a simple lace, tulle belt and tulle.
When I saw the model on the internet, I immediately loved the tissue, but there was a ramp. A seamstress has touched all the dress to make the dress of my dreams.

The exchange of vows at the sunset was the most emotional moment of the wedding  day in Kea . But, we enjoyed all day.#We really had a dream wedding abroad with Marryme in Greece# the couple said
The  wedding cake came from Athens as in the island there is no pastry shop which could do the wedding cake the couple  liked . We had a two tier wedding cake with white frosting and fresh flowers. The flavour was  vanilla and chocolate and it was really a very tasty and delicious wedding cake.
For their wedding flowers the couple has chosen off white and pink to be the wedding theme. Peonia was a must for the bride for her bouquet and the florist created a wonderful romantic theme with the center pieces ,vases and the gold glitter decoration.
The couple  for the first dance had the song Fly me to the Moon  by Frank Sinatra. They  find this very romantic music, and they  were delighted to dance a foxtrot for their  first dance.

And now few words about Marryme in Greece our wedding planner for our destination wedding in Kea island Cyclades Greece
Marryme in Greece helped us a lot. As we are not living in Greece, Olympia  arranged nearly everything for us. A  lot of help with the paper work and the legal part, flowers, liaise with the hotel, hair  and she arranged the rest of the suppliers. She was there any time we need it , and organized things on our behalf. She kept us on truck with times and .things need it to be done Our wedding planner found all the other providers and organize things with them. The big day, we hadn’t to worry about anything, just enjoy this unique moment. Olympia and Elena took care of everything.
And everything was perfect…!!!! The bride said

Wedding planner: Marryme in Greece
Wedding Dress: Aire Barcelona by Rosa Clara
Wedding Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Wedding Suits: Paul Smith
Wedding Flowers:Maison de Fleurs
Wedding Photographer: Fotini Romaliadou Photgraphy
Wedding Cake:Fresh
Wedding Venue: Aigis Suites, Kea

Jan 31, 2017

Santa Irene, Santorini cute, romantic wedding

Jan 31, 2017

Santa Irene, santorini cute, romantic wedding of  Erin and Michael  

Our couple Erin and Michael met at a holiday party in their apartment complex .
Michael’s proposal was made in the nicest way I would think and see what he said:
 “I asked Erin to marry me by painting “Will you marry me?” on a painting we completed together.  It hangs up in our house today.”
Michael realized that Erin was the one because she enjoyed doing the same hobbies and activities as me, made them more enjoyable, and helped me become a healthier, happier version of myself.

After an engagement time of  9 months and the wedding ceremony took place in the romantic place location of Santa Irene in SANTORINI. Erin and Michael they wanted to have a small intimate, civil wedding where we focused on making the event about ourselves. It was everything we wanted it to be and we wouldn’t have rather have it any other way.  We had no stresses and the day was perfect.  Guests were only the parents.
There was no formal wedding reception and a nice romantic dinner took place in Sfinx restaurant after Olympia’s (ourSantorini wedding planner) suggestion , with our families. Our photographer was Dimitris Paridis.  He truly was a pleasure to work with, was very patient with us, took incredible photos.
 Our wedding planner Olympia from Marryme in Greece  planned everything for us except the photographer (which we wanted to pick ourselves).  Everything went smoothly, all the vendors were on time, and we had no stresses leading up to the big day.  Our wedding coordinator, came to meet us the day before to run through everything and explained everything, we needed to know.  We were extremely satisfied from Marryme inGreece and we would highly recommend her to any couple, that wants to have a Santorini wedding
Erin’s wedding dress was a simple, light and fresh wedding dress for her wedding in Santorini. The day of the wedding Erin wore the earings of her great grandmother matching with her casual yet pretty  hair and make up casual.
Our best moment was at Santa Irene.  Being able to sit there and enjoy the view after the ceremony with our parents and not being rushed out to the next pace was the best part.  Being able to stop, and enjoy the moment without feeling rushed.
What made your wedding unique and special? Our wedding was unique as we kept it very small and intimate by only inviting our parents.  Our wedding cake was simple and nice and our flowers where sunflowers with a nice wedding cake at the restaurant
Our best advise is : Make it what you want and don’t care about what other’s will think and listen to your wedding planner advise.

We went for honeymoon to Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia and Venice, Italy.  We wouldn’t recommend Croatia as much as Venice, but we did wish we spent more time in Santorini.

Photographer: Dimitris Paridis
Wedding planner: Marryme in Greece  email:

Dec 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Dec 31, 2016

We are wishing to all our brides and grooms a very Happy 2017 . Have a prosperous, Healthy, Joyful, Blessed 2017.

  Happy New Year 

Dec 19, 2016

Best wines for your wedding in Santorini

Dec 19, 2016

How to Pick the Best Wines for Your Wedding in Santorini without Being an Expert

Choosing the wine for the wedding is just as important as choosing the menu for it, especially so when your wedding takes place in a world known wine region such as Santorini. The question is obvious: How to choose the best wine without being an oenology expert, especially when you want to satisfy a large number of guests?

If you’re getting married in Santorini then you’ll most likely be receiving help by Marry Me in Greece with the planning and setup. Marry Me in Greece is one of the best services in the country when it comes to marriage packages and Santorini is the island where they’ve done the most incredible weddings! However, despite arranging almost everything for you, it’s still in your hand to select the wines that will best suit the occasion.
When the bride and groom pick a package that includes a menu and wines for the wedding, it has always given me the feeling that the least attention is usually paid to wines.
The first thing to remember is that you cannot become an expert, but can make the least amount of mistakes possible when choosing a wine. Not even among the greatest lovers of Santorini’s wines is the choice of wine easy. When you have to combine it with a menu that works for a large number of guests it’s not an easy task. As you want everything to be perfect, just like your dress, you wish your selection of wine to be the right one.
Among all the choices there are some amazing wines so called classics that have been used in weddings for decades, marriage after marriage and rarely fail to impress. The most important thing is to avoid the risk and focus on winning wines that come from well-known wineries and brands. The perfect pairing, the combination of food and wine, is essential but it's important to not get too complicated. Succeeding with the dishes served can be more difficult so perhaps the most important thing is to first pick the most convenient menu that works with your tastes and once you are sure of what dishes you are going to serve, to choose the wine pairing.
When it comes to quantity level, it is best to count at least half a bottle per person, never less. The wine cannot be missed or finished in the middle of celebration. As for the types of wines the red I would prefer a Santorini local red wine, not too potent or light. It would also be a good idea to not go for something too fruity.
Sometimes it’s true that if the couple who is getting married lives in a wine producing region, there is usually more desire to offer wines from that region and this is especially true in Santorini. However, this should only be done if there are well known wines from the region. Luckily Santorini has several well-known wines across the world such as Vin Santo which is a Tuscan sweet wine.

When it comes to choosing the bulk of drinks, it is also worth noting some kind of wine or non-alcoholic beverage is in line as some people do not drink wine.  Equally, it’s best to always keep in mind to try the selection and ensure that above all, the two members of the pair love it. The wine chosen should not by liked just by him or her. You have to find a meeting point being happy with your choice together.

Photography Nikos Gogas