Oct 25, 2017

Nigerian wedding in La Malteze Santorini

Oct 25, 2017

A  jazz  wedding at La Malteze Estate Santorini.

This lovely couple Binta and Dele, had their wedding in Santorini La Malteze July 30th.
The couple met at the church and after a year into dating Binta realized that he was the “one”  Binta was attracted from Dele’s work ethics, humor and common, she could see that they had a lot in common such as love for travelling and lazy weekends .
Dele proposed to Binta in his Manhattan apartment overlooking Hudson  river  and the lights blinking in New Jersey, while they were in the balcony during the night. The length of their  engagement was 18th months.






wedding in Greece

Nigerean wedding  in Santorini

Ceremony and reception took place in La Mateze with 70 family members, and friends. Dele’s family came all the way from Nigeria . The main reason Binta choose La Malteze was the location as the venue is overlooking the caldera and the place was the ideal match for her wedding theme and style  . The theme of the wedding was White, grey and blush pink  and the style was elegant, stylish yet understated.
Binta  had three bridesmaids , who  wore a pale pink, floor length dress with a high split and low neckline. Stylish, weather friendly and in keeping with the theme – stylish and understated. Dele  had three Groomsmen who all wore a light grey tailored suit with a white shite and Gold personalised cuff links. The suit was made by a London designer.
Binta wedding dresses. Binta stated
·         I had three dress One was originally by Rosa Clara, whoever this was change dramatically after purchasing it in New York. My London tailor changed the neck like into a V shape with a centre join and re designed it from a line to mermaid. I loved the material of the Rosa Clara gown but wanted a more fitted look for the occasion.
·         The second dress was a traditional Yourba dress called and Iro n Buba made out of a robust Nigerian white lace.
·         The final dress was Berta inspired. The same London tailor was able to recreate the Berta dress using French lace purchased in New York with a silk underlay.
Binta wore simple hooped earrings encrusted with stone along with stone encrusted bangles.  Malkia was Binta’s  hair and make-up designer, who was flown in from London. Binta  wanted a soft understated look.
The wedding cake was a three tier cake. The bottom tiers was a Caribbean fruit cake while the top was a vanilla sponge. 
First dance songs was John Legened
The favourite part was the reception and what made unique our wedding was that
Having all my family and friends celebrate with us for a weekend.
The saxophonist made a difference in their  wedding reception
Our photographer and video were excellent and we had very nice results
Olympia Giannopoulou our wedding planner from Marryme in Greece, she helped me all the way from the beginning  to the end. After proposing various venues, we finally make up our minds for La Malteze. Then she found and organized the vendors and had an input into specialist items. She helped me with the planning  form day one and she had the day of the wedding the ceremony and reception overall coordination. She even found within 48 hours video, as this was a surprise from my family ( a real sort notice to find a good videographer in Santorini)
My advise to other brides is start the planning as soon as possible

We had a wonderful honey moon A south African safari and a beach holiday in the Seychelles. 

Wedding planner and event organizer : Marryme in Greece http://www.marryme.com.gr
Photography : Wedvisions http://www.wedvisions.com
Hair and make up: Malkia Roberts 
Flowers: Wedding wish http://www.weddingwish.gr/
Ceremony and reception: La Malteze Imerovigli https://www.lamaltese.com/

Aug 11, 2017

Great destinations for a honeymoon in Greece

Aug 11, 2017

● Santorini
Santorini is definitely a top romantic destination, made even more romantic if you choose to stay in one of the wonderful Santorini hotels. There are many accommodations offering Cycladic-style suites, with a private pool where stress after your Santorini wedding can disappear. It's an ideal location to enjoy an intimate and relaxing time with your loved one, sharing incredible moments that you will remember for the rest of your life.

● Lindos
In the quiet village of Kalathos, near Lindos, there are charming resorts with luxurious accommodation with Italian architectural features. There are wellness areas where you and your spouse can enjoy various massage therapies, thalassotherapy and beauty packages.
● Kos
This stunning island is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a romantic honeymoon. There is a wide range of sea-view hotels with a private beach, outdoor pools and a range of restaurants where you can enjoy fine cuisine. What’s more, you can even organize your wedding at the premises of a hotel in Kos, making the most beautiful day of your life as fantastic as you want.
● Mykonos
Mykonos is a luxurious seaside destination, ideal for honeymoon and romantic getaways. The island offers honeymoon activities for newlyweds to celebrate their union and share unforgettable moments like spa treatments for couples, candlelight dinner on the beach or stunning excursions to secluded beaches.

Apr 11, 2017

Honeymoon or wedding in Santorini?

Apr 11, 2017

Honeymoon or wedding in Santorini???
A lot of couples they love the beauty of Santorini, the whitewashed chapels, the caldera view and the amazing romantic sunsets therefore the question is to have a wedding or a honeymoon??
The honey moon is the easy answer, just have a wedding in your country and you escape the  two of you in Santorini for an unforgettable honeymoon. Just contact your travel agent and get the tickets and the room or a suite or  a villa in Santorini.
For a wedding even if it is a symbolic one , you have to make preparation as if it was a real wedding. If you decide to have a wedding in Santorini then you have to do some research on line and find a Santorini wedding planner , who can guide you for your wedding. Santorini wedding planners have a fee but you save time and money if you get the right person. As Santorini wedding planners we can help you to find the right ceremony and reception place for your Santorini wedding, book the celebrant, and all the wedding services you need for your wedding (flowers, photography, video, hair and make up , fireworks, Dj, bands, musicians and any other service you may need in the island.  The weddings we can do in Santorini are Civil, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Jewish , symbolic, and any cultural wedding you want to have .A wedding planner can help you with the wedding design, the table set up and all wedding details
Luxury Hotel in Santorini or a luxury venue for ceremony and reception?

For a wedding in Santorini , you can choose between a luxury hotel where you can stay and  book it in private  for the day of the wedding or have a luxury ceremony and reception venue, which can be a winery or a private venue. 

There are various choices for your ceremony and reception in Santorini island. If you are religious and you want to have a church blessing , we can do in Santorini only Greek Orthodox weddings. There are  Greek Orthodox churches in the island with amazing views to the caldera such as The Cathedral of Saint John the baptism in Fira, Anastasis and Agios Markos in Imervigli and Panagia Platsiani in Oia.

My suggestion is to have your wedding in Santorin , enjoy with family and friends and then stay few days on your own and have honeymoon in 5 star or 4 star hotel in Santorini

Mar 11, 2017

what is best a legal or a symbolic wedding in Greece???

Mar 11, 2017

What is best Symbolic or Legal wedding in Greece??

When couples are planning a destination wedding abroad they have to take a decision to have a legal wedding abroad or to have a symbolic one?
Hard to tell and give advise. Some couples the do all the legal part in their home country and they register the wedding in their local town hall. Those couples then they have a symbolic wedding on their destination wedding in Greece.

Other couples they prefer to have the real wedding the date of their wedding at the destination.
In this case  a legal paper work will be need it and you can check our site for this http://www.marryme.com.gr/marryme/view/legalities
A symbolic wedding is as if you had a real wedding in Greece and most couples they do not even say anything to their guests as they will understand the difference. It is an official ceremony and there is no difference
Some couples they bring their own minister, celebrant or a friend to perform the ceremony. But certainly we can arrange a celebrant for you unless  your wedding is Jewish or Hindu and in this case you will need to bring your own rabbi or Hindu priest  to perform your destination wedding in Greece or Santorini.
During a legal or symbolic wedding you can write your own vows and as long as you inform us , you can say those at the end of the ceremony.
For a legal wedding in Greece there are residency requirements  and also we need  the couple to stay at least one business day in order t register their wedding in the local town hall after the wedding.
A symbolic wedding is more relaxing!!!!!

The decision is your  and in both cases Marryme in Greece can organize your wedding in the Greek islands and the island of Santorini