Feb 27, 2018

Be Fabulous on your wedding day - Wedding make up

Feb 27, 2018

The day of the wedding  for every bride is very important as she is the center of all family and guests. You are the star of the day.
Although it seems odd the makeup that you will choose for your wedding day is  critical for your psychology. That is way you need to use a professional makeup artist.

The proper make up gives you the feeling of the absolute star, and the makeup artist highlights the most beautiful parts of your face such as your eyes, your lips and minimize any blemish.
Find the tone of the make up and the colors that suit you, leave it to your make up artist to give your look, the volume required, the shading, that will highlight your features and then once completed, take the last look  at your mirror and wear your gown and get ready for the photographer.
The result should leave you completely satisfied that enjoy the rest of the wedding, dance drink and enjoy yourself.
Our make up artist in all destinations are the best of the best : We can provide make up artist for our brides in Santorini, Mykonos, Athens,Monemvasia, Kea, and a lot more destinations.
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Wedding make up, bridal beauty for fair to medium skin tones.

Elegant and the make up is just perfect..for a long make up...just spray your face with water for a fresh and long look and i wish you a wonderful day!

Boho wedding in Santorini

No matter how many times I am  visiting  Santorini for myweddings, it is all new to me and I always discover something  new that I love. The cliffside, the whitewashed houses, the blue domes, the black sand beaches and of course the wonderful sunset create such a romantic place for a destination wedding. 

While they were to make the decision for their wedding both instantly were keen on Santorini island 

The place that  stole their heart  was  Venetsanos winery  at the rim of the caldera for the ceremony  with  a simple  but elegant set up  They enjoyed  every single moment of the ceremony as well as the drinks after the ceremony. For their reception a sea side beach bar was chosen and the party went up to 2.00 a.m. in the morning.
Reception : Venetsanos winery
Photographer : Nikos Gogas
Wedding planner : Marryme in Greece 
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