Mar 28, 2014

Wedding in Mykonos - Greek island weddings

Mar 28, 2014

Greek Orthodox wedding in Mykonos
Wedding in Mykonos

Good morning from Mykonos island
Summer is on the way and the weather is excellent. It is time to dream, be romantic and stylish. Thinking of a destination wedding? You are at the right place. Greece is becoming popular and more and more couples decide to have their romantic and intimate destiantion wedding in the Greek islands. Main reason is to celebrate this important day of their life with the people that they love. Mykonos island has a light that cannot be described. Only those visited the island felt that. The wedding took place at Saint John Hotel.
Mykonos Greek Orthodox wedding

Wedding rings
Wedding in Greek islands - wedding rings

Wedding reception in Mykonos
Wedding reception in Saint John Mykonos
flower wedding decoration in Mykonos by Marryme in Greece
Destination wedding planner in Greece
Wedding reception in Greek islands
Detail of a decorated wedding bell in Mykonos
Destination wedding planner Mykonos

Mar 21, 2014

Why destination wedding in Santorini island???

Mar 21, 2014

A wedding in Santorini is a dream for a lot of couples - Santorini is among the 10 top destination places for a wedding in the word.
Destination Santorini wedding 

Santa Irenne wedding in Santorini
Wedding reception in La Malteze

Wedding in Santorini

Detail of a Greek Orthodox wedding 
Why choose Santorini for your destination wedding - 11 reasons to make you decide for Santorini

1. The weather is brilliant, sunny and the blue sky is perfect for the photographs. Especially during sunset the backdrop cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

2. You will stand out from the rest of  your friends

3. It is easy : Dedicated wedding planner will help you to organize your wedding offering wedding packages or customize your own wedding package in santorini

4. You can save on decoration: By choosing your destiantion wedding to take place in a stunning island such as Santorini, the caldera backdrop is itself a painting of nature and you will only need few simple floral arrangments with color tones matching the enviroment

5. You can enjoy time with people you love: A wedding at home lasts for five hours and the couple spends most of the time running from table to table, thanking the guests. With a destination wedding - you will be there with close family and friends, with the dearest and nearest and you will spend time with them. You can even organize your wedding on the port and then depart for a 4 hours wedding reception on a traditional boat during sunset.

6. The best way to eliminate the guest list. Destination wedding requires travel, hotel stays and that gives the couple the perfect excuse to cut down the number of invites. Any way you can always throw a party wen you get back.

7. Your guests can save on a vacation. Usually hotels give a discout rate for your guests.

8. The best present for your family and guests. They have time to connect and celabrate and have fun.

9. Flexible timing helps with budgeting.   As you are going to be  at your destination for a few days, you can ask your wedding planner to have your wedding in May or Septmeber , which is the season of  cheaper prices.

10. Have your wedding and honeymoon at the same time in SANTORINI. As you are arriving earlier at your destination you get in relaxing mood from the first moment. Everything is arranged by us Marryme in Greece as your wedidng planner in   Santorini. 

We have the pre wedding meeting and then you are free to enjoy the island of Santorini, the weather, your family and friends

11. The people . Greeks are warm, friendly and kind. You will with feel them as if you were at home. They are loud and social and they make you feel relax.

For all the above reasons for a  romantic wedding in style choose santorini island for your wedding.We will be on your side from the first moment to design your wedding in in style in the island of Santorini and the rest of the Greek islands

Your wedding: . We’re sure all above reasons will help you to choose Santorini - Greece for your destination wedding.
Couples are traveling  all over the world  to have their destination wedding in Santorini, Greece
Your wedding will be organized and designed by Marryme in Greece . For further information you can contact us at or visit our site

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Mar 13, 2014

Why choose Marry Me as your destination wedding planner in Greece

Mar 13, 2014

Marryme in Greece is a premier wedding planer with vast experience in destination wedding and event planning. Each destination listed in our web site has chosen for its ability to meet and exceed the espectations and testes of our couples.

With Marryme in Greece explore the coloful Greek ilsands, beaches like post cards, endless ancient ruins,  white washed villages full of charm, breathtaking backdrops and then finally chose the best destination for a flawless wedding ceremony and reception. After that you may decide to have your weddding in the black sand island Santorini or a countryside location such as Monemvasia castle. In Greece there is always a venue or chic hotel  to accommodate you, your friends and family, where you can relax, live your romance.
Marryme in Greece - destination wedding and event planning company works with each couple to materialize their destination wedding, embracing excellence in creating the perfect event. Our specialists have a vast knowldegde of each destination and they take care for you and your guests. Your responsibilty is to let us know you dreams and our to make it happen.

We organize, Greek Orhtodox weddings, Civil weddings, Jewish weddings, Hindu and symbolic weddings.

About the wedding services - we can book all the wedidng services for you.
Sophisticated or not, romantic or rock, luxury lover or simple we are your wedding planner in Greece.

We welcome you in the world of Marryme in Greece.
For your wedding please contact us at  or visit our site to see our wedding packages

Santorini weddings

Santorini sunset wedding - Oia at Andronis hotel

Santorini wedding packages 
La Malteze wedding reception event organzed by Marryme in Greece
Your wedding: . We’re sure all above reasons will help you to choose Santorini - Greece for your destination wedding.
Couples are travelling all over the world all  to have their destination wedding in Santorini, Greece
Your wedding will be organized and designed by Marryme in Greece . For further information you can contact us at or visit our site 
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Mar 12, 2014

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Mar 5, 2014

Destination wedding in Athens - A Catholic wedding

Mar 5, 2014

A destination wedding is always a temptation in the mind of the bride Greece offers a rich variety of stunning ceremony locations suitable for a Catholic wedding in our country.

More and more brides are now looking for a destination wedding in Greece as the weather is very good. The sea brezze, takes away the heat. The people are warm, kind and very vivid and they make you feel at home. English is not unsual to speak and even if they do not know they try to help to give directions. Athens has very nice locations for photography in the center of Athens. If you feel like as an Karyatis - you can have some photos in some of ancient columns. Also walk around the Plaka narrow steets and have some photos with the neoclassical buildings will be nice.

Now why Athens for your destination wedding???
It is the capital of Greece -
There are a lot of place of interest for your guests
There is accommodation for all budgets
Your guests can travel to any island they want after the wedding or choose to explore the mainland
Day trips available around Athens and archaeological places in various lccations outside Athens
You can find any service you want
Beautiful venues are available  for your wedding reception
Everything is working during the winter compared to the island where everything is closed during winter

Your wedding: . We’re sure all above reasons will help you to choose Athens - Greece for your destination wedding.

Katrhyn and Tassos they traveled all way from Surrey UK to have their destination wedding in Athens, Greece
The whole event was organized and designed by Marryme in Greece . For further information you can contact us at or visit our site

Arriving at Catholic church in Athens Greek

Destination Catholic wedding in Athens, Greece
Destination wedding planner in Greece
Catholic wedding planning in Athens  by Marryme in Greece

Weddings packages in Greece

Greek wedding planner

Wedding in Athens
Bridal bouquet in Athens

Have a wonderful and Happy Life