Nov 19, 2021

Antigoni's and Teddy La Maltze estate - Santorini Glam Wedding

Nov 19, 2021

Santorini LA MALTEZE ESTATE wedding 

A destination wedding in Santorini  Greece will always be a great idea and  a dream for greek american couples like Antigoni and Teddy. Both second generation from USA they decided to have a dream Greek islands wedding and Santorini the one The wedidng was a Greek Orthodox wedding an dtook place in a church overlooking the caldera. As both are persons of prefection they told me that they watnted the best. I did my best to get for them the best suppliers in Santorini. La Malteze Estate was their choice finally for their wedding in Greece. The outcome was just magic and everybody enjoyed  their  intimate , romantic wedding with a blend of peach and white colors. This fairy tale continued in New York with the birth of a beautiful daughter.

Santorini wedding 

Photo credits: Phosart 

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