Mar 11, 2017

what is best a legal or a symbolic wedding in Greece???

Mar 11, 2017

What is best Symbolic or Legal wedding in Greece??

When couples are planning a destination wedding abroad they have to take a decision to have a legal wedding abroad or to have a symbolic one?
Hard to tell and give advise. Some couples the do all the legal part in their home country and they register the wedding in their local town hall. Those couples then they have a symbolic wedding on their destination wedding in Greece.

Other couples they prefer to have the real wedding the date of their wedding at the destination.
In this case  a legal paper work will be need it and you can check our site for this
A symbolic wedding is as if you had a real wedding in Greece and most couples they do not even say anything to their guests as they will understand the difference. It is an official ceremony and there is no difference
Some couples they bring their own minister, celebrant or a friend to perform the ceremony. But certainly we can arrange a celebrant for you unless  your wedding is Jewish or Hindu and in this case you will need to bring your own rabbi or Hindu priest  to perform your destination wedding in Greece or Santorini.
During a legal or symbolic wedding you can write your own vows and as long as you inform us , you can say those at the end of the ceremony.
For a legal wedding in Greece there are residency requirements  and also we need  the couple to stay at least one business day in order t register their wedding in the local town hall after the wedding.
A symbolic wedding is more relaxing!!!!!

The decision is your  and in both cases Marryme in Greece can organize your wedding in the Greek islands and the island of Santorini