Apr 13, 2016

Santorini weddings - mistakes that should avoid

Apr 13, 2016

Santorini destination weddings – mistakes that you should avoid
Santorini wedding 
Even the most clever, even the most detailed brides can make mistakes while they are planning their Santorini wedding. There are certain things you have to watch , keep an eye before you tight the knot in Santorini.

1. Set a budget and work around it
It is wise to have a local Santorini wedding planner , and speak with her and see if it is realistic. If the answer is yes thing very carefully what exactly you need.
Try to avoid the trap by been excited and start booking vendors and suddenly they are surprised that you spend already a lot of money. Think about simple things do you need a band or it is better to have a DJ?? Do you need to book an expensive photographer or I can be happy with a less expensive?? You can ask your Santorini wedding planner to either suggest some or you can do your own research.
The ideal is to create a wedding budget and keep tracking all the expenditure or we can prepare a Santorini wedding budget for you after you finalize the venues and the services.
Santorini weddings

There are certain requirements set by the authorities for  a civil or religious wedding in Santorini. Since you are having a destination wedding , we will be giving you the instructions in writing and follow them carefully. In case you have questions we can always make a skype appointment and give you more explanations. For every nationality are different rules and we try to make as smooth as possible. Greece is not having more difficult rules than other European countries. We check your papers one month prior to the wedding and then we take care of them in order to avoid any issues the day of the wedding. All you have to do is to be present for your Santorini wedding and enjoy the date.

3. Wedding dress – must be ordered on time
It is wise to book your wedding dress at least 6 months prior to the wedding date. Some of the dresses may need alterations, some are custom made and some times are made overseas. It is better to have plenty of time instead of running the last moment. If you have bride maids , again choose the dresses the color of your choice and avoid last minute suprises for your Santorini wedding

4. Book the hotel rooms the earliest you can
Contact your Santorini wedding planner and decide about the hotel or hotels that you need to book rooms.  Sometimes the couples are leaving this for the last moment . Since you have a wedding abroad  and your wedding is a destination wedding in Santorini to block the rooms is a must before you sent out the invitations. The hotels are not keeping the rooms for ever. A date is set until your guests and relatives can book the rooms and then they are released.
It is important for you guests to know what are the hotels you have chosen and may be you got a better price too. This does not mean that you will be paying for the rooms, your guests will and they are usually asked to pay by credit card
Santorini wedding planner 

5. Think seriously how many persons you will be inviting
Since you have decided for a Santorini wedding  make sure  that the guest  list and the Santorini ceremony and reception match the capacity . It is wise to have a guest list before contacting your santorini wedding planner as she will be looking for Santorini ceremony and reception venues according to the given number. Since you book your Santorini wedding venue, you pay a deposit which is not refundable. So it is important the numbers to be right. Most Santorini wedding venues they cannot just add 10 extra tables
6. Santorini bride’s beauty
Many brides are taking facial and other treatments prior to their wedding day in Santorini. Please do not do that. If you want to have some treatments do it before your destination wedding in Santorini. We need your face nice and clean and we can provide the hair and make up and possibly the manicure and pedicure at your hotel the day of the wedding date. An experienced and dedicated hairdresser and make up artist will arrive in your hotel and will take care of you

7. Postage .
When the time comes to sent out the invitations, please do not choose the cheapest one.  Get one invitation weight at your local post office and ask them what is the price for this.  This way , you will avoid to have returned invitations due to insufficient postage . Especially for those ones are having a wedding in Santorini and everything have to be scheduled on time you cannot afford this type of mistake

8. For religious church  weddings in Santorini.
If you are having a Greek Orthodox wedding or Catholic  you must take into consideration regulations of the church such as attire for the church, paperwork needed it from the church, Pre Cana. Take the religious details very seriously and to avoid disasters you will need to ask your wedding planner to make an appointment with the local priest prior to your Santorini wedding upon your arrival.

9. Do not try to do everything on your own.
Even the most organized brides cannot plan the whole wedding on their own. Ask your family, mom, sister, cousin , any one that you know and you trust, to help you.
You need to be calm and free of worries the day of the wedding. Those people can help you while in your country. Since you have decided for a Santorini wedding  your wedding planer will he assisting you and will create the wedding you need during your stay in the island.

10.Keep focused on what is important and trust your santoriniwedding planner to organize, plan and design  your wedding .

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