Feb 24, 2016

Is Santorini wedding right for us???

Feb 24, 2016

We want to have a destination wedding In Santorini, it this right for us?
For a lot of couples, getting married abroad adds an extra magic for their special life time event. For your guests, your wedding will be unique and different from any other wedding they attended. Usually in a  Santorini  destination weddings, we get guests from all over the world, travelling from different countries than Greece,  they find in Santorini  a different environment and excitement.
However to get married in Santorini there are advantages and disadvantagesHow would I know that a destination wedding in Santorini  is right for me and my fiancĂ©?
If you want to be honest to yourself you should find the pros and cons and make a list. After that you can decide with your fiancé if a destination wedding in Santorini, is right for you and you make the decision to get married abroad.
By creating  your own list, you will   feel more confident whether , you have made the right decision or not .

How to prepare your list.
1 Take a piece of paper and a pen
2 Devide the paper into 2 sections
3 On the top  write the reasons why, you would like to get married in Santorini
4. On the bottom write what will be a reason of not having a wedding abroad
Talk with your partner and start discussing the pros and cons.
1.  Reasons that I would like to get married Abroad
a.   I want to be different from my friends
b.   I like traveling and that is way I want to have a destination wedding in Santorini
c.   I want to have only family and close friend in my wedding
d.   A destination wedding in Greece can be cheaper from a wedding in my country
e.   I will have more fun as it will be relaxing
f.   I prefer to have a Santorini wedding planner than planning everything on my own 
2.  Reasons why I shouldn’t have a wedding in Santorini
a.   My family want a wedding here as they do not like much travelling
b.   We have elderly people in the family
c.   We have people with special needs
d.   Is it a lot to ask people to travel abroad for our destination wedding in Santorini?
e.   Will the Santorini wedding planner cost me more, than hiring a wedding planner in my country?
f.   Do I have to pay any extra for my guests except the wedding reception in Santorini? 

As soon as you finish the list, do you get the answer? Do you get the confirmation that this is the right decision for you?
Get some feedback from immediate family, and if you get a positive feedback then you can start planning your wedding in Santorini..
If you are still unsure ask  some questions again. E.g is the Greek wedding planner will cost me more than hiring a wedding planner in my country?
Then do some research, contact Greek islands wedding planner and find out their prices as well as basic costs of a Santorini wedding,. Ask the wedding planner, to sent you previous Santorini weddings organized, and have an initial consultation with them. 
If you are not able to create your own list or you do not have the time to do it, you can find below some examples
Advantages of having a destination wedding in Santorini
·      The biggest advantage of getting married in Santorini can be that your family, friends as well as you have a relaxing time in a romantic atmosphere and a perfect weather.
·      Your self, family and friends will have a holiday and we will do the rest for you
·      Your wedding will be unique and different than your friends, as we design each Santorini  wedding as per the bride’s dreams and ideas
·      You will have the people that they are nearest to you and dearest as well and you do not have to shake hands with 100 people that you do not know.
·      Things are different than a wedding in USA OR UK, as you will have better weather in Santorini, the wedding is usually outdoors, a wedding venue overlooking the caldera and amazing photos with the whitewashed villages and the blue domed chapels
·      Amazing local Santorini food and nice wine
·      An amazing opportunity for family and friends to get to know each other and have fun
·      .
Disadvantages of getting in Santorini
·      May be some loved ones will  not be able to attend your Santorini wedding
·      May be some extra cost arises that you have not count them in your initial budget, but that will not be the norm as Santorini has most of the wedding  services available on the island
·      It takes some time until you trust your Santorini wedding planner. So we suggest to set telephone appointments like at least one per month and discuss how things are going.
·      If you do not use a wedding planner, who knows the local suppliers and you find them by your self, this can be  even harder as your decision is based   on what you have read on the internet. It can be done but the risk of choosing the right supplier
·      If some loved-ones cannot attend that might hearts
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