Sep 24, 2014

American - Russian love finds happy end with an elegant wedding in Santorini

Sep 24, 2014

The story of Dasha and Steve and their happy end with a Santorini wedding

Steve proposed to Dasha on a cruise ship towards Alaska, while they were both on a family holiday. I guess the photo below describes the way he proposed to her and I thing,  that the most sweet way to ask her... The rest is history now. Their love story ended it up with an elegant wedding in Santorini island, where close friends and family attended this intimate wedding. The bride is Russian origin but the mother is Greek decent. I was asked to design a Greek wedding which I did - incuding  food,  decoration, dancers and music. The Bride believes, that there is something mysterious about Santorini island, may be the volcanic cliffs, may be the breathtaking sunset, may be all that blends the perfect place and a trully romantic destination for a wedding abroad. The couple before tying the knot, hosted an elegant pre wedding dinner in a  spacious hotel in imerovigli just by the rim of the volacano. The civil wedding ceremony was held in the same hotel and was followed by the wedding reception with Greek music and dancers. Ouzo was a must as per groom's request and the bride's uncle gave the best performance with syrtaki and hasapiko dance.
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