May 8, 2014

Stylish wedding inpiration in the Aegan - Lesvos island

May 8, 2014

Lesvos is the third biggest island in size in Greece. The island yet unknown but rich in exceptional beauty houses and variety of natural enviroemnt, just started to discovered by the majority of tourists. 
From one hand, the endless olive groves lie - eleven  milion olive trees - belnding harmoniously  with the pine trees woods, chestnut and oak trees  in a colorful palete of green colors, and on the other hand - the east side the volcanic landscape of the island covers a huge area, covered with fossil forest, standing there for million years. This unique monument of the nature was covered and preserved under the ash created by the volacnic explosions in the North Aegean sea. It is worth stop at the point was the caldera was created - of course is complete different the one we have in mind in Santorini.
Beach weddings in Greek islands
The island has beautiful beaches ideal for weddings - beautiful traditional town halls for civil weddings and noumerous Greek Orthodox chapel lying by or above the water for romantic Greek orthodox wedding in the Greek island. Lesvos island is ideal for couples that they are looking something very romantic, devine, stylish, chic, posh and sometimes luxury wedding into to unrevealed beauty mansion houses.
wedding in Lesvos

Weddings in Greece
We will be glad to plan, design and organize your wedding or any other event in the Greek island of Lesvos (Mytilini).

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Our wedding planners and coordinators will make sure that you have the most romantic, dream or boho wedding in the Greek islands in this location. 

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