Mar 28, 2014

Wedding in Mykonos - Greek island weddings

Mar 28, 2014

Greek Orthodox wedding in Mykonos
Wedding in Mykonos

Good morning from Mykonos island
Summer is on the way and the weather is excellent. It is time to dream, be romantic and stylish. Thinking of a destination wedding? You are at the right place. Greece is becoming popular and more and more couples decide to have their romantic and intimate destiantion wedding in the Greek islands. Main reason is to celebrate this important day of their life with the people that they love. Mykonos island has a light that cannot be described. Only those visited the island felt that. The wedding took place at Saint John Hotel.
Mykonos Greek Orthodox wedding

Wedding rings
Wedding in Greek islands - wedding rings

Wedding reception in Mykonos
Wedding reception in Saint John Mykonos
flower wedding decoration in Mykonos by Marryme in Greece
Destination wedding planner in Greece
Wedding reception in Greek islands
Detail of a decorated wedding bell in Mykonos
Destination wedding planner Mykonos

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