Mar 5, 2014

Destination wedding in Athens - A Catholic wedding

Mar 5, 2014

A destination wedding is always a temptation in the mind of the bride Greece offers a rich variety of stunning ceremony locations suitable for a Catholic wedding in our country.

More and more brides are now looking for a destination wedding in Greece as the weather is very good. The sea brezze, takes away the heat. The people are warm, kind and very vivid and they make you feel at home. English is not unsual to speak and even if they do not know they try to help to give directions. Athens has very nice locations for photography in the center of Athens. If you feel like as an Karyatis - you can have some photos in some of ancient columns. Also walk around the Plaka narrow steets and have some photos with the neoclassical buildings will be nice.

Now why Athens for your destination wedding???
It is the capital of Greece -
There are a lot of place of interest for your guests
There is accommodation for all budgets
Your guests can travel to any island they want after the wedding or choose to explore the mainland
Day trips available around Athens and archaeological places in various lccations outside Athens
You can find any service you want
Beautiful venues are available  for your wedding reception
Everything is working during the winter compared to the island where everything is closed during winter

Your wedding: . We’re sure all above reasons will help you to choose Athens - Greece for your destination wedding.

Katrhyn and Tassos they traveled all way from Surrey UK to have their destination wedding in Athens, Greece
The whole event was organized and designed by Marryme in Greece . For further information you can contact us at or visit our site

Arriving at Catholic church in Athens Greek

Destination Catholic wedding in Athens, Greece
Destination wedding planner in Greece
Catholic wedding planning in Athens  by Marryme in Greece

Weddings packages in Greece

Greek wedding planner

Wedding in Athens
Bridal bouquet in Athens

Have a wonderful and Happy Life

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