Nov 14, 2018

Hair and make up preparation before your destination wedding

Nov 14, 2018

Your wedding day is one of the most important ones in your life. And you play the major role on this ceremony . For a successful wedding in the Greek islands you must prepare yourself as early as possible.
For the day of your wedding here are some key points to make your day the most memorable  

Preparation of your wedding day 

In order to feel comfortable and look stunning for this important and unique day of your life, your hair must be   well and   nicely groomed and  feel  comfortable . The preparation must start 6 months prior to  your wedding day to see the desired results to the fullest extent. Without spending a fortune, just be consistent.
Fist and most important is your hair. With the hair dryer, dyes and styling products, they are easily destroyed and dull.
Visiting the hair salon every 1 to 1.5 months for cleansing the blade will help a lot. It would also help   a good moisturizing hair mask or some other more specialized treatment, to rejuvenate  your  hair . You should also decide to change the color of your hair, do so several months before your wedding day, so that you can correct any issues

Equally important area with hair is your  face. Also 6 months before your wedding day in the Greek islands  it's good to start cleaning your skin and moisturizing. Use a moisturizing cream daily, specific to your skin type, and a moisturizing facial mask once a week without forgetting the neck and décolleté area. If your skin suffers from acne or some other problem then it is advisable to contact your dermatologist for a specialist treatment early.
This piece of skin care early on will clearly bring much better results to the piece of bridal makeup you will do.

Another key point to consider is legs, especially if you are planning to wear a short wedding dress or dress at the reception. Prefer to depilate and not to use a razor, so there is no risk of cutting and leaving a mark. A good pedicure is essential, not just in the nails, but also in the heels and all the hard points of your foot. You alone can exfoliate on the feet once a week, as well as use a good foot cream for hydration, combined with socks to wear in the evening after applying the cream.

It is also good to use a good moisturizer on your rest of your body without forgetting the area of ​​the hands that will be one of the protagonists of the evening because of the wedding ring. The photographer will take a lot of photos .
After all that you will be ready for your wedding day abroad in the Greek islands 
For the wedding day please arrange with your wedding planner all the services in your hotel as soon as you book the wedding with your Greek preferred wedding planner .

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