Dec 19, 2016

Best wines for your wedding in Santorini

Dec 19, 2016

How to Pick the Best Wines for Your Wedding in Santorini without Being an Expert

Choosing the wine for the wedding is just as important as choosing the menu for it, especially so when your wedding takes place in a world known wine region such as Santorini. The question is obvious: How to choose the best wine without being an oenology expert, especially when you want to satisfy a large number of guests?

If you’re getting married in Santorini then you’ll most likely be receiving help by Marry Me in Greece with the planning and setup. Marry Me in Greece is one of the best services in the country when it comes to marriage packages and Santorini is the island where they’ve done the most incredible weddings! However, despite arranging almost everything for you, it’s still in your hand to select the wines that will best suit the occasion.
When the bride and groom pick a package that includes a menu and wines for the wedding, it has always given me the feeling that the least attention is usually paid to wines.
The first thing to remember is that you cannot become an expert, but can make the least amount of mistakes possible when choosing a wine. Not even among the greatest lovers of Santorini’s wines is the choice of wine easy. When you have to combine it with a menu that works for a large number of guests it’s not an easy task. As you want everything to be perfect, just like your dress, you wish your selection of wine to be the right one.
Among all the choices there are some amazing wines so called classics that have been used in weddings for decades, marriage after marriage and rarely fail to impress. The most important thing is to avoid the risk and focus on winning wines that come from well-known wineries and brands. The perfect pairing, the combination of food and wine, is essential but it's important to not get too complicated. Succeeding with the dishes served can be more difficult so perhaps the most important thing is to first pick the most convenient menu that works with your tastes and once you are sure of what dishes you are going to serve, to choose the wine pairing.
When it comes to quantity level, it is best to count at least half a bottle per person, never less. The wine cannot be missed or finished in the middle of celebration. As for the types of wines the red I would prefer a Santorini local red wine, not too potent or light. It would also be a good idea to not go for something too fruity.
Sometimes it’s true that if the couple who is getting married lives in a wine producing region, there is usually more desire to offer wines from that region and this is especially true in Santorini. However, this should only be done if there are well known wines from the region. Luckily Santorini has several well-known wines across the world such as Vin Santo which is a Tuscan sweet wine.

When it comes to choosing the bulk of drinks, it is also worth noting some kind of wine or non-alcoholic beverage is in line as some people do not drink wine.  Equally, it’s best to always keep in mind to try the selection and ensure that above all, the two members of the pair love it. The wine chosen should not by liked just by him or her. You have to find a meeting point being happy with your choice together.

Photography Nikos Gogas

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