Feb 27, 2020

Wedding favors for groosmen ideal for a destiantion wedding

Feb 27, 2020

Find Unique and Useful Groomsmen Gifts that aren’t Lame
You want to set yourself apart from the crowd. This means you don’t want to give your groomsmen the same type of gift that most grooms give. You want to stand out and do something that is going to be unique and thoughtful for your groomsmen. 
Finding unique groomsmen gifts may not be the problem, but finding a unique and useful one that isn’t going to be lame might be. You don’t want to go on record as the lamest gift giver in the history of grooms, so you need to pick the right gift. 
Here you will find some unique and useful groomsmen gifts that will take you from lame to hero. Have a look.
  1. Survival Gear Kit from Amazon.com 

Take Flight Multi-Tool Survival Gear Kit, $24.97
This kit is packed with everything you could possibly need to assist you with a range of every day and wilderness emergencies. Your groomsmen will love the multifunctionality of this kit as it is ready to go and doesn’t require any additional gear. 
This kit is pocket-sized for convenience and it comes in a waterproof casing that fits easily into anyone’s car or backpack. Though you cannot personalize these gifts, they are a great choice when looking for a unique gift that is also useful. Anyone will love the cool features and tools this kit has. 
  1. Knife Set from Chefsvisionknives.com

Chef’s Vision Cosmos Series Knife Set, $49.95
If you have some groomsmen that love to cook, collect knives, or just like cool things, this knife set is a great gift. These kitchen knives are designed to stay sharp and handle all your cutting needs. They are stainless steel and razor-sharp for precision.  
The beautiful pictures of the cosmos on these knives makes them unique and fun to own. Even if your groomsmen don’t fathom cutting veggies, they just might use these knives. They have a durable no-stick coating that allows anything to slide right off of them. These knives will certainly be a great conversation starter. 
  1. Whiskey Stones Gift Set from Lordsrocks.com

Lords Rocks Whiskey Stones Gift Set, $79.99
This whiskey stone set is a great choice if you enjoy a nice beverage with your groomsmen from time to time. These stones are made of purely natural granite and are great at chilling your drink. The crystal glasses are heavy duty and easy to clean. Keep the stones safe in a soft velvet bag that will prevent them from getting lost. 
If your groomsmen really love having whiskey or other fine drinks, then this gift set is a winner. It is a unique set that is very useful for those who will enjoy a good stiff drink from time to time. The box they come in is made of premium wood, so the gift looks as classy as it is useful. Any groomsmen will sincerely enjoy this choice of thanks. 
  1. Cufflinks, Money Clip and Tip Clip from  https://www.groomsmengiftsource.com/ 

Personalized Gentleman’s Gift Set Cufflinks, Money Clip, Tie Clip, and Wooden Box, $34.03
Give your groomsmen a personalized gift that they can use the same day as the wedding with this cuff link set. You can have the entire set personalized with their names, initials, wedding date, or whatever your choice, including the box. Give your groomsmen this gift that they can immediately put to use. 
Have their names on the box, their position on the tie clip, and their initial engraved on the cuff links. However, you choose to do it; this gift is both unique, useful and really cool. Your groomsmen will greatly appreciate the gift and the value it holds on a personal level as well. 
  1. Toiletry Bag from Personalizedandfast.com

Personalized Toiletry Bag and Shaving Kit, $34.99
You can give your guys a truly useful and unique gift by giving them this personalized toiletry bag. It is monogrammed with their initials on it and it is made of top-quality material that is sturdy. Your groomsmen will appreciate this gift as it comes loaded with a convenience that will help keep him organized. 
Your groomsmen can make use of the many zippers and compartments to keep their things safe and secure during travel or when away from home. Even in the home, there will be no mistaking which stuff belongs to him. He will enjoy this top-quality groomsman gift that is very practical and unique at the same time. 
  1. Leather Wallet from Etsy.com

Personalize Leather Wallet, $31.21
Your groomsmen will appreciate this gift as it is a highly personal and useful gift at the same time. Have their names engraved on the elegant rustic leather and let them enjoy keeping their money in a wallet they can hold onto for a long time. 
This wallet has eight card slots and a money slot. The leather is of great quality. You may need a leather conditioner when you first receive it, but otherwise, it is a beautiful wallet. A very good choice for any groomsmen. It is practical, unique and personalized, what more could you ask for in a great groomsmen gift?
Choosing the right groomsmen gifts isn’t easy. If you don’t want to be lame, but you want to get your groomsmen something that is unique and cool, the above options are all great choices. Your groomsmen will love their gift and treasure it for years to come. 

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